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Knee Pain

knee-painAt MedStop, we believe in treating knee pain non-surgically. Knee osteoarthritis is the most common cause of chronic knee pain. Millions of Americans suffer from chronic knee pain, which decreases their quality of life, affecting their ability to be active and enjoy their family and friends.

While knee replacement surgery is frequently offered to people as a solution, many people do not want to undergo such a major surgery. People frequently do not want to endure the physical rehabilitation that is associated with a knee replacement surgery. Not to mention, that for most patients, they can only ever have 2 knee replacement surgeries in their lifetime.

After 2 knee replacement surgeries, for many people, there simply is not enough bone left to perform another knee replacement surgery. This is the reason that people are often times encouraged to wait as long as they can before having surgery. If knee replacement surgery is performed when the patient is too young, that person may run into problems later in life when the prosthetic knee joint wears out.

In addition, many knee joint prosthetics do not have the same range of motion as a natural knee joint. For many people, that means a knee replacement surgery will reduce how far they can bend their knee.

At MedStop, we offer several non-surgical treatment options for people suffering from knee pain, related to osteoarthritis. We want our patients to be able to walk, climb stairs, squat down, and run without pain and with no downtime or rehabilitation needed for most patients.

Avoid the cost, pain, and downtime of knee replacement surgery. Stop by MedStop today for a free consultation, and start moving your knees pain-free.