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Vitamins and Supplements

vitaminsWhether you are fighting the symptoms of menopause or andropause, experiencing pain from an injury or medical condition, feeling a little depressed, or trying to lose weight, vitamins and supplements are always a great way to complement any treatment plan. Vitamins and supplements may help boost your energy and help you burn calories or fat. There’s a vitamin or supplement out there for everything! Vitamins and supplements may also help prevent diseases you may be at risk of developing.

How do I know what vitamins and supplements I need?

Schedule an appointment with Med Stop, and we will go over your options and explain what vitamins or supplements we recommend for your specific symptoms or health needs. Comprehensive Micronutrient testing can be performed to determine which specific nutritional deficiencies you may have. This comprehensive nutritional panel measures 32 individual nutrients, and also includes Total Antioxidants.

How do they help?

Many times, if you are sick or in pain, your body may be lacking essential hormones and/or nutrients that it is not receiving. As you age, the likelihood of hormonal imbalance and nutritional deficiencies increases. By identifying what nutrients you are lacking, Med Stop can determine what vitamins and supplements you need to restore your body’s nutrients. As a result, your symptoms may subside and your pain may lessen. Unlike prescription medications, vitamins and supplements are safe and natural and usually do not cause side effects.

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If you are feeling sick or know that you don’t get enough of a certain vitamin, schedule an appointment with us today at (732) 366-1000 and let us create a customized vitamin and supplement program that targets your specific goals.